A company with over a decade of experience in employee cloud based payroll management services, BeaconPay is a dream with an aim to rid the HR world of mundane labor overfilled with unnecessary complexities.

Human Resource Management is one of the most indispensable yet neglected job role of the time usually performed over spreadsheets that spread far & wide, making the process tedious, insipid and error-prone. Particularly in paperwork heavy industries or organisations that require compliance to strict regulations, these time-consuming laborious tasks result in lower productivity, higher cost and poor resource utility. Our singular aim is to simplify the process and end our clients’ ordeals with managing payrolls, HR analytics and the obigatory compliances.

We have an impressive roster of clients from diverse industries including Finance, Film, Hotel and IT amongst others, for whom we have untangled the HR and Payroll tasks. We provide sophisticated payroll systems that are tailored specifically to your organization’s individual requirements, maximizing the potential benefits and ensuring an immediate improvement in your human capital management operations.

Our fanaticism and obsession with our mission bind us as ONE and directs us towards our mission of supporting our clients
by providing knowledge and expertise on human capital management

To be the leading global authority and most trusted & recognized partner in the management of payroll services


To provide an unmatched value to our clients and building strong & long-lasting dependable partnerships.

  • Tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your organisation
  • Provides accurate up-to-date information for you and your staff via the web
  • Available on the go, 24×7
  • Dashboard screen, providing at-a-glance view of the entire process
  • Easy bulk data management
  • Eliminates errors enabling you to focus on your business
  • Automatic report generation on a complete range of functions
  • Provides a strategic fit to your long-term requirements
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